About i3


Inflatable 3, LLC was founded in 2007 as an alternative to high priced Chicago Ad Agencies. Offering a full range of design, development, marketing, branding, and consulting, i3 Design is a one-stop-shop for all your creative needs BIG or small.

Stunning design and cutting edge development backed up with great customer service and unmatched client relations are what we strive to deliver at i3 design. You won’t wait confused while a project stalls needlessly for weeks or have no idea when someone is going to answer your email or phone call when you are working with us. Constant client communication and follow through on what we tell you we are going to deliver is the norm and should be expected. We have heard all the horror stories about working with other designers or design companies who just disappear…we have learned from their mistakes. Expect to be treated like a client should be treated when you work with i3.  If we give you a date something will be done it will be done or you will know in advance why it isn’t and what the plan is…always communicating with the client has been a key ingredient for many successful client and designer relationships we have enjoyed over the years.

Our Skills

Exceeding Client Expectations

Dave HerdaCEO & Creative Director


Client relationships, Sales, Creative Director, Project Management, Design, Marketing, Bill Collecting and Consulting depending on the day of the week.  Many hats have been seen on this head creative and they are all worn with equal pride and passion to get the job done and keep clients happy.

The CrewSupporting Team


With a strong network of design, programming, ecommerce, branding, consulting, and marketing experts i3 provides the backbone your project needs from small scale to enterprise level and everything in between. You’ll be in good hands from start to finish with i3 Design.  No job too big, no job too small for these super creatives.   Contact Us Today and request a quote for your next project.