WACKYwalk’r has been with i3 since we formed and we have done a wide variety of creative products for a truly incredible pet product company.  The WACKYwalk’r is a patented problem solver for dogs that pull on leash.  It’s a new leash on life for many dog owners and we have had a great time working with them over close to 10 years now.  Website, Ecommerce, Piles of Print, Tradeshow banners, booth design, creative consulting, Video, SEO, Social Media strategies, and more.  We have grown together with WACKYwalk’r and are proud to have helped them change the dog leash industry and bring a new product to market that really has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of happy dog owners. The latest innovation from WACKYWalk’r is the WUNDERBALL.

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Banners for WACKYwalk'r

Banners for WACKYwalk’r