Kingston Mines

For nearly 10 years we handled all the creative needs of Chicago’s Oldest and Largest Blues Club.  Kingston Mines is unlike any other blues club in the world and it was a blast working with them for so long.  We started their Facebook page and grew it to over 10,000 followers in just a few […]

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Banneker Watches

Banneker watches and clocks is the company we have worked the closest with over the years.  Starting when the Banneker watch was just a concept and some sketches Dave Herda has worked closely with Banneker CEO and Founder Derrick Holmes every step of the way as this company has slowly evolved into a global lifestyle […]

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WACKYwalk’r has been with i3 since we formed and we have done a wide variety of creative products for a truly incredible pet product company.  The WACKYwalk’r is a patented problem solver for dogs that pull on leash.  It’s a new leash on life for many dog owners and we have had a great time […]

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Diamond Empowerment Jewelry

This website was a collaboration between 3 companies.  Banneker watches, Royal Asscher Diamonds, and Donna Distefano who has her own brand of jewelry.  The concept was simple, as members of the Diamond Empowerment Fund these 3 companies decided to band together and create a line of complimentary fashion accessories that could be sold with a […]

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