This project came to us from New Orleans, LA not too long after Hurrican Katrina had destroyed so much of the city and surrounding area. It was a creative concept to combine the classic Dashboard Hula Girl of the 60’s with bobble head type figures and Licensed Mascots from Major Colleges (with lots of ambitious […]

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Elevation Burger

When Elevation Burger came to us they were a 1 location Burger joint with a fresh concept and incredible aspirations and plans about franchising to grow the business……6 years later they have more than 30 Elevation Burger locations world wide and are steadily growing each year.  Originally Elevation Burger was seeking a new and exciting […]

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Banneker Watches

Banneker watches and clocks is the company we have worked the closest with over the years.  Starting when the Banneker watch was just a concept and some sketches Dave Herda has worked closely with Banneker CEO and Founder Derrick Holmes every step of the way as this company has slowly evolved into a global lifestyle […]

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WACKYwalk’r has been with i3 since we formed and we have done a wide variety of creative products for a truly incredible pet product company.  The WACKYwalk’r is a patented problem solver for dogs that pull on leash.  It’s a new leash on life for many dog owners and we have had a great time […]

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